Regulation of Nanotechnology in Consumer Products

Publication Date : 2007
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This report summarises the contents and results of the 3rd International NanoRegulation Conference which took place from 12. – 13. September in St. Gallen (Switzerland). The conference was organized by the Innovation Society in cooperation with NanoEurope Fair & Conference. This year’s focus was on consumer products containing nanotechnologies, possible risks and regulatory approaches.

The conference highlighted the following topics:

• Technical, health, environment and safety aspects of products containing nanotechnologies

• Regulatory approaches to nanotechnology

• Stakeholder perspectives on nanotechnology

• Adequacy of different voluntary measures (Code of Conduct, CENARIOS® Risk Management System, Nano Risk Framework)

The annual “Nano-Regulation” conference in St.Gallen is part of the multi-stakeholder platform “Nano-Regulation” which has been launched in 2005 by the Innovation Society and is supported by several government-, industry-, retail- and research organisations. The platform serves as an international interface providing information and communication services to their members and facilitating cooperation among stakeholders on the international level.



Setting the Scene - Current Regulatory Landscape

   Keynote: Swiss Action Plan and Green Nanotechnology

   Nanomaterials in EU chemicals legislation: REACH & Co.

   Overview over international developments and framework USA: Existing regulatory frameworks for consumer products


Nano in the Stores - Technical, Health and Safety Aspects of Nanoproducts

   Nanotechnology, cosmetic and sunscreen safety

   Micelle inside ingredients by miVital

   Nanoparticles in drug delivery: Potential avenues and issues


Stakeholder Perspectives - Needs, Expectations and Contributions

   Insuring nano: Perspective of MunichRe

   Buying nano: What consumers want to know

   Selling nano: How the retailers are dealing with nanoproducts


Beyond Regulation - Adequacy of Voluntary Measures

   Keynote: NanoInside: Building a new social contract for 21st century products

   Code of Conduct: A suitable tool for the sustainable development of nanotechnologies - the BASF experience

   CENARIOS®: A nano risk management system as a business and safety opportunity

   Nano Risk Framework


NanoFuture - The Growing-up of a Technology

   Walking the molecules - Europe’s first NanoRobot

   Nanotechnology and sustainability – Precautionary approaches and public participation


Workshops on voluntary measures


Speakers and Participants
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