EU nanotechnology R&D in the field of health and environmental impact of nanoparticles

Publication Date : 2008
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Subject Risk Assessment and Management ; Environmental Safety ; Exposure Assessment
Following this commitment of addressing upfront the potential risks, the European Commission has
boosted support for specific collaborative research into the potential impact of nanoparticles on
human health and the environment since the Framework Programme 5 (FP5). These activities have
been continued and reinforced in FP6 and in FP7 where several topics were launched specifically
addressing the safety of nanomaterials. At the same time, the EU Members States have also been
funding research in that field, but a consolidated overview of these ongoing or finished projects was
not yet available so the magnitude of these national efforts was difficult to evaluate.

The present compilation aims at gathering the most complete overview of past and ongoing research
projects funded by the FPs, EU Member States, Candidate Countries and Countries associated to
FP6 or FP7 in the area of possible impacts in health, environment and safety of nanoparticles. Being
the first of its kind, this compilation has information of 106 projects, 14 of them are from the FPs
which give around 32 million € in grants. The others 92 projects are from the EU Members States
which spend around 47 million € in grants. This makes a total of some 79 million €. This
information may well be incomplete. All interested parties are kindly requested to send additional
information on research projects funded through national funding schemes to the email address Several projects are currently in negotiation for funding under FP7;
information will be added as soon as possible. It is the intention to regularly update this information
and make it available through the European Commission dedicates websites
1. Background

2. Annexe I: FP5 EU research projects

3. Annexe II: FP6 EU research projects

4. Annexe III: National Research Projects

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