Nanomaterial Safety Plan

Publication Date : 2010
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Document type Guide & Procedure
Subject Risk Assessment and Management ; Occupational Safety
This plan, a component of the SLAC hazardous material program, is intended to:
- Provide procedures and controls that will protect workers and the environment while recognizing the uncertainty associated with nanomaterials – the hazards of which have not been determined – and reduce to an acceptable level the risk of worker injury, worker ill-health, and negative environmental impacts.
- Promote consistency in policy and procedures among DOE contractor laboratories.
This document sets forth required practices at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC) for managing environmental, safety, and health (ESH) concerns associated with the following:
- Engineered nanomaterials
- Nanoparticles
- Unbound engineered nanoparticles (UNP)
- Precursors, intermediates, and wastes used during, or resulting from synthesizing such nanomaterials
- Laboratory-scale activities involving chemical containers, reaction vessels, material transfers, and other handling of substances that are designed to be easily and safely manipulated by one person
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1 Introduction
1.1 Purpose
1.2 Scope and Applicability
1.3 Limitations
1.4 Standards

2 General Policy

3 Controls for Research Laboratory Operations
3.1 Work Planning and Approval
3.1.1 Approval
3.1.2 NSC Review
3.1.3 Exposure and Safety Assessment
3.2 Control Preferences
3.3 Engineered Controls
3.3.1 Work Area Design
3.3.2 Ventilation Preferences
3.4 Administrative Controls
3.4.1 Chemical Hygiene Plan
3.4.2 Housekeeping
3.4.3 Work Practices
3.4.4 Inventory Requirements
3.4.5 Marking, Labeling, and Signage
3.5 Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment
3.6 Monitoring and Characterization
3.7 Worker Competency

4 Verifying Program Effectiveness
4.1 Nanoparticle Worker Identification
4.2 Workplace Characterization and Exposure Assessments
4.3 Worker Health Surveillance
4.4 Domestic Waste Surveys
4.5 Effluent Monitoring

5 Transportation of Nanomaterials
5.1 Categories of Materials
5.1.1 Recognized HazMat
5.1.2 Suspected DOT HazMat
5.1.3 Other Nanomaterials
5.2 Off-site Shipments
5.2.1 Packaging
5.2.2 Labeling
5.2.3 Modes of Transport
5.3 On-site Transfers of Nanomaterials

6 Management of Nanomaterial-bearing Waste Streams
6.1 Applicability
6.2 Nanomaterials in Waste Streams
6.3 Classification and Disposal of Nanomaterial-bearing Waste Streams

7 Management of Nanomaterial Spills
7.1 Access Control
7.2 Dry Materials
7.3 Liquids
7.4 Wastes

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