Guidance working safely with nanomaterials and nanoproducts: the guide for employers and employees

Publication Date : 2011
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Document type Guide & Procedure
Subject Occupational Safety
This document provides guidance on how to organize a safe workplace when working with nanomaterials and nanoproducts (NMP). This guidance has been developed by employers and employees with combined forces. This guidance is not all-inclusive but attempts to support employers and employees who work with nanomaterials in their design of suitable control measures to organize a safe workplace according to the current state of knowledge on health and safety issues of nanomaterials. A more general awareness raising on „nano-risks‟ is a secondary aim.
This guidance aims to support working safely with engineered nanomaterials and is not developed to support the managing of occupational health risks arising as a consequence of any non intentionally released nanomaterials such as e.g. diesel exhaust or welding fume.
Step 1 : Make an inventory of the NMP produced and/or used in your company

Step 2: Classify the occupational health hazards of the NMPs

Step 3: Make an inventory of the activities with handling the NMP in your company

Step 4: Classify the possibility of exposure of workers to nanoparticles during the activities with handling of the NMP

Step 5: Select the control approach band per activity

Step 6: Selecting and implementing the appropriate control measures

Step 7: Registration: Keeping track of workers possibly exposed

Step 8: Investigate if Preventive Medical Surveillance (PMS) is possible

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