Nanomaterials in the aquatic environment: toxicity, exposure and risk assessment

Publication Date : 2009
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Document type Report
Subject Risk Assessment and Management ; Environmental Safety ; Exposure Assessment
In this report we provide an overview on the latest developments on toxicity testing of NMs for aquatic organisms, on the exposure of organisms to NMs in the aquatic environment and on the risk assessment for NMs in aquatic ecosystems. In this report we will determine which aspects of the risk assessment of NMs have to be tackled and/or changed in the Guidance and EUSES. We will be drawing up a statement of affairs and using this to propose concrete adjustments to make the ECHA Guidance also suitable for nanomaterials.
The environment contains many natural NMs, but we will focus on manufactured NMs here. In this report we define NMs as manufactured materials with at least one dimension in the range between 1 and 100 nm, as used by many authors.
1 Introduction
2 Recent literature (2007-2008)
3 How do nanomaterials differ from conventional chemicals?
4 Aquatic toxicity testing of nanomaterials
5 Exposure to nanomaterials
6 Risk assessment for nanomaterials
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