Principles for the Oversight of Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials

Publication Date : 2007
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In January 2007, the International Center for Technology Assessment and Friends of the Earth co-hosted the first Nanotechnology NGO Strategy Summit in Washington D.C., bringing together public interest, labor, civil society, environmental, women’s health, and citizen-based grassroots organizations from across North America to discuss and agree upon foundational principles for nanotechnology oversight and assessment. Over the next six months, participants developed principles, spearheaded by the International Center for Technology Assessment’s NanoAction project. This document is the result. Nearly 70 groups from six continents now have endorsed it.

This document declares eight fundamental principles which must provide the foundation for adequate and effective oversight and assessment of the emerging field of nanotechnology, including those nanomaterials that are already in widespread commercial use.



I. A Precautionary Foundation


II. Mandatory Nano-specific Regulations


III. Health and Safety of the Public and Workers


IV. Environmental Sustainability


V. Transparency


VI. Public Participation


VII. Inclusion of Broader Impacts


VIII. Manufacturer Liability




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