Recommendations for a Municipal Health & Safety Policy for Nanomaterials: A Report to the Cambridge City Manager

Publication Date : 2008
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In January 2007, the Cambridge City Council adopted the following policy order: “That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to examine the nanotechnology ordinance for Berkeley, California, and recommend an appropriate ordinance for Cambridge.”

At the request of the City Manager, the Cambridge Public Health Department (CPHD) reviewed the Berkeley ordinance and related issues. In its written response to the City Manager, the public health department described the limited scientific consensus available to characterize the health risks posed by engineered nanoscale materials. Prior to making any regulatory or policy recommendations, the department proposed that an advisory committee be established so that city decision makers could learn more about the potential impact of the nanotechnology sector on public health and the impact of regulations on research and manufacturing. The proposed advisory committee would include experts in the field, as well as representatives from the universities, the community, and the nanotechnology manufacturing, research, and consulting sectors.

In summer 2007, the City Manager convened the Cambridge Nanomaterials Advisory Committee, which was charged with developing recommendations for oversight of local nanotechnology activities to protect human health. On behalf of the City Manager, the public health department facilitated six monthly meetings of the committee through January 2008. The committee developed a series of recommendations, which are described in this report.

The Cambridge Public Health Department endorses these recommendations and is prepared to implement them in collaboration with other city departments and with institutions and companies that conduct nanoparticle research and manufacturing.

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